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A Natural Cream Bar made from Shea Butter Discover our moisturising and soothing cream bar made from shea butter and olive oil, suitable for all types of skin. An all embracing cream, which has many outstanding attributes. This cream is handmade in Marseille using traditional methods.
Natural Argan Oil and Rhassoul Shampoo Bar Discover our handmade organic shampoo bar made from Argan Oil and Rhassoul. Made in Marseille using traditional methods.

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Our natural products are handmade in our workshop in the heart of Marseille.

To offer you safe, synthetic-free products, we have selected fragrance free ingredients of natural origin and which are free from colouring and additives. We chose this stance because we now know for a fact that many and most industrial cosmetic companies put harmful, toxic, and unnecessary chemicals, additives, and colouring in their products without you even knowing about it. We stand against industrial manufacturers and their products full of harmful and toxic chemicals.

This is how our philosophy came to be. We wanted "to recreate ancestral products" that were simple and efficient, used for generations by our ancestors. 


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Our values

Absolute transparency

We believe that transparency is one of the key foundations of our business. We want to offer cosmetics that are 100% natural and, to ensure that you can put your trust in us, we don’t keep anything hidden from you. Thus, you’ll find a detailed list of our products' ingredients, information about where the ingredients and packaging come from, and photos of our day-to-day operations in our workshop and offices that are regularly posted on social media.

The environment at the heart of our commitment

Our approach - offering wholesome, healthy, pure cosmetics - is, of course, followed by an environmentally friendly outlook. As such, we are constantly seeking ways to reduce our ecological impact and always trying to find ways to reduce our waste in our manufacturing process, in the raw materials used, and in our product packaging. That’s why you won't find an invoice or delivery note in your package, and all the packaging that we do send is recyclable or biodegradable.

Made in France, always 

Our premises are located in Marseille, in the city's oldest neighborhood, the Panier. We manufacture all our cosmetics ourselves and handle both packaging and shipping as well. We prioritise French suppliers for all our raw materials and manufacturing supplies. Of course, it's not always easy to achieve this goal, but we do our best to use products that are "made in France" whenever possible or at most from neighboring European countries.


Respect of the correct safety practices HACCP and good manufacturing practices (GMP)

We comply with the French laws in terms of good manufacturing practices in order to ensure our products’ quality and security. Each year we are audited by an external and independent firm (GBC) to ensure the conformity of our methods and tools.

Our products are made in France according to the French norms.

We manufacture our cosmetics in Marseille. Our family business focuses on transparency, quality, and respecting clients prior to price and benefits. Our products have a validated product information file including toxicology and safety tests.

Registered at the Consumer Affairs and Prevention of Fraud Board (DGCCRF) conform to the 2002/46/CE directive.

In order to commercialise our cosmetic products, we are registered at the DGCCRF in accordance with the requirements of the articles 15 and 16 of the decree n°2006-352 in order to validate all of our products and our ingredients through the European portal PCNP. 

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