2020 report

Bin sorting comme avant

We’ve just received our report from the last term of 2020! 💪

Our recycling as helped us save:
🌳 2339,5 kilos of paper and cardboard, sparing 40 trees from being cut

💧 54m3 of water, equivalent to 269 baths

💨 505 kilos of CO2, equivalent to 4 return trips from Marseille to Paris on a plane 

⚡️ 15451 kWh of energy, equivalent to what an average household would use in 30 months

🛢 23 litres of petrol, equivalent to 350 km by car

That’s not bad at all 😊 ! We try to put in place responsible solutions and improve them over time (no one is perfect!).

We now have 6 different types of bins (as well as a waste sorting area for our workshop):
♻️ PET plastic

♻️ Glass

♻️ Cans

♻️ Cardboard
♻️ Other types of plastic

🍅🥕🥦 Organic waste

Since the beginning of January, we also use a compost bin for our organic waste to feed our permaculture vegetable patch. 🪴

By the way, we’ve certified our piece of land and methodology. Our fruit and veg will be organic-certified 🌱 😉 !