Best wishes for 2020

Nil and Sophie

Photo Lydie LAURET

We are starting this year 2020, and Comme Avant counts 43 employees in the team.

At the beginning of our adventure, things were easier to imagine, test, and put in place. Even in the most utopian schemes of a fair and perfect company could easily be experimented. 

Over time, things have become a bit more complicated. It seems to me that the company’s structure appears to be less flexible. I spend a lot of time promoting mutual respect, constantly sharing my approach and my management with the team. It’s an effort that I still want to make. 

It’s true that at the beginning of the year, most companies wish a happy new year. I’m not criticising this ritual but I’m using this as a pretext to question myself.

Do more sport, eat less sugar, sleep more, the list goes on and is probably quite similar to yours. New year’s resolutions are often said but don’t last in time. 

This year, I feel like that I’m not the only one to understand that resolutions are meant to be focused on others, towards a more just society, respecting both planet and biodiversity. 

I feel like thousands of you are following and encouraging us.
You give us such strength to advance on the right path.

Maybe towards a society in which the main growth indicator isn’t GDP.

Maybe towards a society with more ethical, social, and environmental values.

It’s up to us to decide and I’m sure we will make to right decision.

I wish you all a happy near year.