A cream bar for tattoos

cream bar for tattoos

We often put forward the fact that our shea butter cream is universal. It’s true, it can be use as face, hand, and body cream, as lip balm or hair wax. 

We can add another use to this list - it can also be used for your tattoos ! 

How to use it?
Rub it between your hands. The friction will leave some cream on your hands which you can apply on your tattoo or your body. Don't forget to clean your hands before applying the cream! Then store it in a clean sterilised container. To avoid any cross-contamination, the cream must be used by one person only.

Nil has already used it for his own tattoo but following a few requests, we asked a few professional tattooists. Most specific tattoo creams contain shea butter. This ingredient enables a quick tattoo healing and helps your tattoo stay clean. 
Fragranced products and petroleum based creams aren’t recommended. 

Once your tattoo has healed, you can use our olive oil soap to keep your skin fresh and the tattoo looking bold. 

Our shea butter cream - https://www.backtobasics.bio/pages/solid-natural-cream-with-shea-butter

Our olive oil soap - https://www.backtobasics.bio/pages/natural-olive-oil-soap

Thanks to Pikabo2beauvoisis for this great photo, your tattoo is fantastic. This is one feedback among many people who use our cream on their tattoos.