A day off - Team building

team building Comme Avant team

It's just gone 5pm.

Usually, I'm hurrying up to finish as many tasks as I can before the weekend. I wonder how the hours have gone by so fast and I've hardly achieved anything. My stress levels are going up, I should and could have done more. Despite years of experience behind me, this is something I still don't handle very well: taking a step back and acknowledging with satisfaction all the accomplished tasks.

We've been working very hard for over 2 years now to build a company that represents our values and convictions, and offers ethical and quality products.

Today, surprisingly, I'm not experiencing this feeling. I put a sign up on our shop door saying "exceptional closure", added an automatic absence email, and wrote a message on our website's contact page. Today, we haven't been working and the company was closed.

Paradoxically, even though we haven't been working and I haven't been productive, I feel calm and confident. Today has boosted our well-trained, strong, and reliable team.

These last few months have been challenging for everyone, regardless of the department, and it didn't take much to allow us all to take a well deserved break. A down-to-earth and spontaneous day, sharing a few activities and pizza together in a friendly environment. This is sometimes good enough to recharge our batteries.

We didn't have any expectations or team building exercises, and were even less expecting a return on investment for this day. We were far away from sales and production figures. For once, we simply enjoyed the present moment. Going back to basics was beneficial and I noticed this in people's eyes.

It's something I lack in my professional and personal life. Simply having a break, taking a deep breath, and enjoying life. Work can wait.