A new salary grid

Nil and Sophie Comme Avant

The system is working. Some have called me a dreamer, even an idiot, when I explained my company’s social approach. Some didn’t get the point. The most cupid even thought it was risky.

I’m carrying out the fifth pay rise since the business was created in 2017, without any requests from my 50 collaborators. To be fully transparent, the salary grid has been displayed in the staff room so everyone can talk about it and discuss if a mistake had been made. 

This pay rise was initially planned before the COVID crisis, but this period was a rather difficult time.

Wages are linked to the company’s turnover. If there’s a profit increase, the wages will rise too. All units have been raised by around €250, a new step forward. This applies to everyone who has a permanent contract, without taking into account seniority. 

The median salary is now €1750 compared to €1500 last June 2019. The directing team only earns twice the company’s lowest salary. 

I refuse to take part in a system where those with most power negotiate better wages at the expense of those working in the shadows and those who don’t dare to ask. A strategy where the administration and directing team earn unbelievable amounts with no afterthoughts.

Comme Avant wouldn’t exist without its team. I try my best to thank them.