A Slow Christmas

christmas tree

A few days ago, with Nael’s help we built and decorated our lovely wooden Christmas tree
, which we will be able to reuse year after year !

This year, we want to celebrate a Slow and Zero Waste Christmas, as far away as possible from over-consumption. This is our family’s goal and we hope it will be respected in the best possible way.

Of course, for children it’s going to be slightly harder. It will be difficult to totally avoid plastic toys « Made in China » or excess packaging which will end up straight in the bin as soon as the presents have been opened.

However, we can play our part by trying to reduce our Christmas present list to avoid an abundance of gifts which will never be played with, and of course by trying to favour quality over quantity, and products made in Europe.

For us adults, our priority is to privilege French artisans, non-physical gifts (a concert ticket or a fancy restaurant), and personalised gifts which are made through memories. I will say nothing more here, I need to keep it a surprise for my family which are going to read this, but you get the gist.

Wrapping paper is also banned and replaced by Furoshiki or Azuma Bukuro (Japanese are very creative), pouches or even old scarves. The idea is to use material as a substitute for wrapping paper and limit your waste !

Christmas magic is something we all enjoy. It’s an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones, see magic in children’s eyes, catch up with family members you don’t get to see much, and last but not least enjoy food. 

Enjoy Christmas, have a great time, appreciate everything while following our convictions to reunite with this uncomplicated moment. Appreciating Christmas can also go hand in hand with our ecological transition.