A way of shopping

Nael shopping butternut

For years, shopping had been a nightmare for me. Walking around endless aisle, full of meticulously marketed products, so attractive that I could have bought anything.

As the years goes by, Sophie and I are more reasonable and we are sick of publicity, marketing, fatty substances, saturated acid, and processed products.

Before Nael was born and then after we created the first Comme Avant soap, we tried to regain a balanced diet. Today, we don’t go to ordinary supermarkets or just in cases of emergency (for toilet paper for example). Most of the time, we go shopping in organic or bulk stores, or go to farmers’ markets (it’s not more expensive as some say).

Nothing is easy but step by step we are making progress and relearning the basics such as baking or making a homemade soup. Some steps can be a bit difficult. I am far from being perfect. When tired or down, fast food can sometimes be so tempting. We still make mistakes. Today, I try to move on anyway, it doesn’t undermine my determination and my goals. I am the sole judge in my transition.

Just as cosmetics, coming back to a natural and healthy diet takes time and isn’t always straightforward.

When slowing down, taking time to enjoy meal times with friends or family, we realise that this is more important than it seems.

I find myself (just like today) being happy shopping with my son Nael.

It just shows that anything can happen.