An independent company

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I have once again received two emails from investment companies wanting to, I quote "invest and bring their expertise to our company" in order to "allow it to reach a new level."

Some people have absolutely no idea of what we are doing here. They haven’t read a single one of our blog articles or our social media posts but they allow themselves to recite a wonderful speech to companies who could bring them attractive dividend yields. 

The growth race they tend to follow in order to maximise their benefits brings no good, neither to you nor to our planet. 

If we are managing to handle your orders, and if we are managing to provide our teams, all this while having the smallest impact possible on our planet, what else could they bring us? 

We clearly don’t have the same goal. Comme Avant is a committed company and is solely owned by its founders (Sophie, Silvin, and I) in order to guarantee its independence. 

Knowing where our funds come from is just as important as understanding how our products are made and what raw materials are used. 

🔴 I want to be able to say whatever I want without fearing anyone.

🔴 I want to be able to work without having to think about profit.

🔴 I want to be able to say personal stuff without wanting to sell at all costs.

🔴 I want to be able to give even if this impacts our turnover.