Presentation of the Comme Avant Fund

Nael forest

Being a responsible company involves a lot of things. In our case, it’s the opportunity to prove once again our values through concrete actions.

Today, we have decided to go further.

From now on, a part of our yearly profits will be donated to our new project : the Comme Avant endowment fund.

The aim of this independent and nonprofit fund is to protect and restore natural habitats and wildlife in order to recreate natural spaces.

Many species are currently endangered and the pace is getting faster. We would like to help this biodiversity which is running out of steam so that wildlife can regain its rights, develop, and thrive. 

It’s not a question of simply planting a tree at the other end of the world but rather taking on concrete and direct actions.

Our project, this fund, is happening right here in France. Maybe in an old industrial zone, maybe in areas ravaged by tourism. Each region needs help.

We are going to start in our region in the south of France, where Comme Avant was born. We are looking for a piece of land of a least 40 hectares. But we aren't going to stop here.

Each purchase has its carbon footprint, even our products, but we can do much more than a simple counterbalance. Each step forward counts, and the future generations are counting on us. 

Even if we are doing all we can, we still need your help to have a strong and positive impact on biodiversity. Your donations are our strength.

Even though our website is in French, your implication is more than welcome. Wildlife preservation is an international language.

Take part in this mouvement, for us and for the planet. 

Thank you.

Sophie, Marie, Silvin, Nil, and Hélène