Birthday calendar

birthday calendar

An opinion can change according to the perspective, the angle, and the point of view.

I have a knot in my stomach each day as I dwell on certain situations which occurred with my employees. Most of the time it’s because I question decisions I have made. The last one in date is this handmade team birthday calendar which you can see in the photo. The idea was original. I advocate initiative in my company, small streams make big rivers.

In the action, I stopped two of my employees' positive energy and I was convinced it wasn’t the right time to do this and that there were more important things to be done. At this point I wasn’t doubting my choice and at that moment, my analysis was objective and my decision clear.

This is one of the burdens of being manager, replaying my actions and my choices in my head, over and over. Some can be rectified, other are set in stone. In spite of the difficulty, I am often quick to react. Once again, I was wrong and fortunately they didn’t get discouraged by this as the calendar is now finished and hanging up on the wall. A few days later, this calendar reminded me of someone’s birthday. Thank you !

Once again, small things are significant. The scale makes little difference, only the willingness counts. A company head isn’t the only one wanting to do the right thing in a firm.