Buying second hand

second hand appliances

Here is Ted posing with our new stainless steel tool washer.

It’s not brand new, we got it second hand from a local restaurant that was going to throw it away. In a zero waste approach, always try to keep an eye out for for second hand offers.

Since the beginning of our adventure, we've bought quite a few second hand products such as printers, computers, tanks, and tools. How?

Easy peasy, all you have to do is write down :

- Your contact information
- Your name and surname
- What your selling
- The price and payement method
- The date of the transaction
- Your signature

If the seller still has the original receipt, you can write « bought on (date) by (your name) at the price of ..." along with the date and signature. By doing this, there shouldn't be any problems.

(For professionals, if the seller isn't a company, you won’t be able to get the VAT back).

There are also quite a few platforms now where you can buy refurbished or reconditioned items. This works for individuals or companies. You can sometimes get some great bargains with -70% or even -80% discounts.

Buying second hand has many advantages: you will save money, as well as resources. So next time you want to buy something, think twice !