Chickens at home

Chickens at home

For those who remember, a few weeks ago we attended a workshop on chickens in the garden.

Since then, the idea of housing chicken caught on! Our children are more than happy to now have three chickens at home. They’re called Suzette (Sussex breed), Coca (Cuckoo breed), and Mireille (Houdan breed)! 🐓

We’ve chosen laying hen strains. They should lay for 6-8 years and will then stay in our chicken hut for a couple of years after that. 🥰 We preferred this rather than cross-breeds like the little red hen which lays more but for a shorter period (2-3 years).

After dinner, a zero waster routine is kicking in as we go and give our leftovers to the chickens. Except for a couple of things (chocolate, raw potatoes and meat for example), anything we don’t finish or the children don’t like goes to the chickens!
We already had very little packaging and our organic waste was directly brought to the veggie patch. But there was still some waste ending up in the bin. Within a few days, we really noticed the difference bin-wise 🍂

Now we just need to wait for eggs🥚… at the moment, only one of the three is laying! 😆

Oh and to complete the circle, when we clean our hen house, nothing is thrown away! Everything is sent to the veggie patch as fertiliser or as compost for the next vegetable season 🌾 Nature does things well!

Sophie, Nil, Joan, and Nael.