Chickens in the garden

chicken in garden workshop

This weekend, we braved the cold weather and went to a workshop called "Chickens in your vegetable garden". 🐓 Sophie’s persuasion paid off:
- this will give us manure for the veggie patch 🌱
- we’ll get free eggs all year round 🥚
She always finds the right words 🥰

One afternoon, Anthony our neighbour, a friend now after many long conservations through the garden fence about gardening and ecology (of course 😅), invited me to his workshop about chickens in the veggie patch. A workshop organised within the framework of the towns in transition movement. 🌍

A movement I wasn’t aware of, but that seems to me like a logical move, of which I would like to be part. Not that our small personal actions aren’t enough with Sophie and the kids, but simply because we get this feeling of being part of something, of sharing and experiencing this together (this is particularly important at the moment). 🤲

This movement encourages citizens of a given territory (a neighbourhood, an entire town or village…) to understand climate change and participate at their level to prevent it. 💪

This transition model simply offers a framework to do something good in a given area which has its own particular issues and needs.

Something similar might exist near you, who knows! Do some research to find out 🤩

I really appreciated discovering this initiative. Despite the current situation, the management of Comme Avant, my partner, my friends and children, I’ll probably have some spare time on my hands to take part and enjoy doing what I can to help. 🥰