Cigarette butts revaluing

Cigarette butts revaluing

To pursue our efforts in reducing our waste’s impact, we have decided to establish a partnership with Recyclop, an association in Marseille that collects and revalues cigarette butts.

The idea is very simple

1⃣ Recyclop provides use with ashtrays
2⃣ Smokers throw their cigarette butts in these ashtrays
3⃣ The association comes to collect the cigarette butts
4⃣ The cigarette butts are burnt in plants specially equipped for hazardous waste.

This combustion creates energy, a process which is known as energy recovery. This doesn’t dramatically change our employees’ day-to-day life but we are convinced that it will change the day-to-day lives of future generations. 

Tobacco severely damages the environment and near 160 000 cigarette butts are thrown to the ground each second in the world.

In Marseille, this poses all the more problems when cigarette butts end up in the sea (1 cigarette butt can contaminate 500 litres of water).

It’s important to enable a proper management of this dangerous waste and initiatives like Recyclop allow us to reduce the impact of this type of waste on the environment.

Every single action counts 💪