Coffee with no waste

zero waste coffee

The zero waste approach we have for our products, we also want to apply it in our daily business life. 

Ecology and especially zero waste in businesses require a few adjustments and a lot of effort to put it in place. Step by step, our Comme Avant team is looking to reduce our daily waste and we are constantly thinking of how to improve as a brand as well as a consumer. 

A few months ago we replaced our capsule coffee machine by a coffee bean one in our staff/break room. 

The machine in itself can represent an investment. However coffee beans are cheaper than capsules, so the investment is quickly profitable. Plus, we are making the planet a little greener !

Please note that all coffee beans aren't equal, this is why we've chose organic and sustainable grounds. Our machine allows us to change the coffee strength, every one can drink their own coffee just as they like it (very useful for a machine used collectively!). 

After the coffee has been drunk, no waste has been created and there's nothing to be recycled and there's simply no waste. The coffee grounds are reused in the vegetable patch or as a natural body scrub. 

Only the bean bag is left, but isn't nothing compared to individual capsules.

We still keep in mind that ”waste that doesn’t pollute is the waste we don’t create”, being conscious of the amount of waste we produce daily is the first step towards zero waste.

Every little counts and we are proud to see our team is following the movement.