Dry toilets

Dry toilets

Some news from our permaculture garden! 🌱

Our garden is slowly starting to take shape and we’ve installed a dry toilet, with no water. 🧻 A practical solution for our land, as no water supply is needed.

Toilets with a flush use around 9L of water for each drainage! 💦 This alternative simply requires covering with some wood chippings, it can then all be composted. The compost can then be used after two years, once the micro-organisms have done their biodegradation work! 🐛

In the meantime, our other compost bin in which we collect all organic waste from our lunch breaks, is starting to fill up. If everything goes to plan, we’ll be able to use this compost in 9-12 months for our veggie patch! 💪

Alice, our vegetable producer, has removed the groundsheet we’d placed there for a couple of months, and saw lots of worms. That’s good news, the soil is alive and healthy, ready to soon welcome our fruit and veg. 🍅🍓

Next step: planting bushes to created windbreak hedges! 🌳