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Ecology and extremism

We are sometimes judged as radicals or rather the opposite, that we don’t do enough. Such is human nature. It takes all sorts to make a world. I’ve always told myself that I had to be a model for my sons, but that I couldn’t be perfect.

We do our best day-to-day to make our evolution, our success, our failures, and above all our initiatives, reality. I hope this brings us closer, touches, encourages and guides you daily in your ecological transition.

But often a particular attention is given to us, the final word is expected from me as if I had all the answers. However this isn’t true. I’m not saying I’m an impostor, but I learn every single day. Many people (from my team by the way) have way more abilities than me. Should the fact of being the founder play an important part? I sometimes feel so.

Let’s be aware, find solutions together, and move on. Don’t be blinded by a few « gurus » and their glitter. The mere fact of being Comme Avant shouldn’t tip the scales. Have a critical mind and both eyes open without falling into hatred or moralisation. We are part of a whole where each and every one of us has a place and a duty for a better world.