Equal pay within the company

Comme Avant team

Starting a new business isn’t the hardest part for an entrepreneur. A bit of paperwork and it’s done !

However, keeping the company going is much harder. Even more so in our case, as I am against inequalities, or in any case as little as possible.

One of the biggest inequalities in businesses and the hardest to deal with is each employee’s wage.

Since the beginning of our Comme Avant adventure, it’s a point I really focus on. Fair pay based on skills, affinities, and results is by nature unfair and purely subjective (hence very stereotyped results such as gender pay gap). This is why this topic is so sensitive in France.

Just like our philosophy, I want transparency and fairness. I have therefore clearly made a distinction between seasonal job and permanent job. A permanent job is constantly evolving throughout time.

Our team is very heterogeneous. Some have an important educational background, for others their job at Comme Avant has got them back on track and has helped them get back to work. That’s life.

It’s for this reason I have based salary on a commun grid despite abilities, experience, age, or seniority. Over or under qualified, this isn’t important to us.  Everyone is entitled to equal opportunity.

The sole occasion I have allowed a wage difference is solely based on the role, the responsibility, the tasks, and their difficulty. For example a manager earns a bit more because of the responsibility involved, whichever educational path this person has.

Wages evolve according to the company’s turnover. Up until now I have managed to increase wages every 2 to 3 months, without any requests from my employees.

They trusted me, took risks, gambled on the future. I return the favour. I am happy and proud of this. This is why it’s always a pleasure for me to inform them in person of their next pay rise. Most of them have rather shy and limited reactions but I’m convinced of the personal benefits that this could contribute to their lives.

Our company is growing, many interviews have taken place, and new people appear each month. Today, our business is doing well and new employees’ wages follow the same procedure.

In spite of constraints, pressure, and mean external opinions, I am determined and at the moment nothing will make me change my way of thinking.

Let’s replace humans as heart of the business.