Fair profit distribution

a word from the comme avant founder

Just like each year, for three years now, the company’s profit is equitably redistributed among all employees. 🤲

Even though the COVID crisis hindered our projects and our move, affecting our finance, we redistributed 1/5 of our profits. The rest was left for our loan repayment, donations for our Comme Avant Fund, and finally for provisional budgets for our projects (cosmetic, textile, permaculture).

Like each year, I improve the concept and my vision of a bonus with more precise and fairer criteria. This helps me to avoid any injustices throughout the years. 👊

These new criteria improve bonus equity within our company. Even if some company managers may disapprove, alternatives to capitalism and dividends exist, here at Comme Avant for example. 👌

I didn’t start Comme Avant to make lots of money but rather to create a great man-made lab of what seems fair for humans and the environment. 🌍

Because Comme Avant’s added value is mainly our employees, I didn’t give them a "present" but a fair remuneration for their collective effort.

But not only.

🙏 It’s also and especially thanks to all of you who follow our adventure. To all of you who use our products daily. To all of you who order our products.

I’m simply going to finish this message by saying thank you. ❤️