Green electricity with Plüm

Green electricity

The electricity we use each day could be more eco-friendly and needs to be so. 

Currently, in France, most of our electricity is produced by fossil fuels, which are polluting and/or with a high health risk. 

To produce it, we are using exhaustible resources. 

However more and more electricity suppliers with « green » electricity projects are emerging and supporting renewable energies. 

For example, at Comme Avant, our electricity supplier is Plüm.

Since last year, this company provides all its electricity from renewable energies. The three resources used are: hydro, wind, and solar. 

It’s also classed as « really green » by Greenpeace among 5 other electricity suppliers. 

It’s important not to get everything mixed up ! This doesn’t mean that the electricity we use necessarily comes from their electricity system… 

However signing a contract with a « green » electricity provider allows to support all these projects aiming to change and rebalance the share of renewables in France (and worldwide). 

Actually, it’s a question of choosing which project to support for our future. 

Every little bit counts !