Green gold

Green gold comme avant

oday, we’re trimming hedges, branches 🌳 and grass all around our Comme Avant workshop. For most companies, green waste is taken to the tip and the process is rarely supervised by the company manager who doesn’t find it interesting. 😴

For Sophie and I, we are literally sitting on (green) gold!

At Comme Avant, we are convinced that this waste must stay part of a circuit and mustn't be thrown away. So it’s shredded and then used as compost and mulch for our company’s permaculture vegetable patch (coming soon!). This shredded mix, added to other input, will feed the soil during the winter. 🍑🍓🥦🥬🥕

Whether it be in our professional or personal lives, some habits live on even though they could easily be changed. 😉 Shredding this waste has helped us, as a company, to save on expenses but can also spare many bin loads for individuals. For example, with Sophie, we collect fallen leaves 🍁 rather than throwing them away, to protect the soil at the base of our trees or on our veggie patch. 👌

Nothing goes to waste in Nature. It’s well though so why not make the most of it. 🌍