Hang it up

soap in bathroom

Some of you sometimes ask if it’s possible to add a string to hang our soap or our shampoo up - check out the photo. Thanks to Joli Tipi for this great creation, both pretty and practical ! 

If you don’t have a soap holder or anywhere to store our soap in your shower, why not hang it up. This zero waste solution prevents your soap from melting by avoiding it staying in contact with water. It also allows it to dry properly between two uses. 

You will need :

  • an untreated cotton twine, with a minimum diameter of 4mm,
  • a piece of tape,
  • a wooden pin or a Japanese chopstick.

Steps to follow :

  1. If you buy a soap bar (1kg), which is more economical than small soaps sold by the unit, start by cutting a thick slice with a knife,
  2. With the wooden pin, make a hole in the centre of the soap,
  3. Tape the twine’s extremities so it doesn’t fray and pass it through the hole,
  4. Make a knot and hang it up ! That’s is, it’s ready to use.

Well done to Émilie and thanks for this great tutorial which you can find on her blog !