New workforce in the sales team

BtoB team

We have new workforce at Comme Avant ! We are delighted to welcome four new sales reps who will be able go out and meet our new sale points all around France ! 

Marie, Delphine, Guillaume, Léa and Manon as well as the whole Comme Avant team welcomed and trained them for three weeks. They are now ready to head to their own area in France to share our products as well as our philosophy. 

  • Laurine (2rd from the left) for Ile de France
  • Fanny (4th from left) for north of France + Belgium
  • Camilla (3rd from the right) for nord west France
  • Emélie (2nd from right) for north east France

The south east and south west of France are already represented respectively by Manon and Léa who joined the team a few months ago. 

They shared their experience just before leaving: « These weeks have been full of encounters, discoveries, learning and they mark the start of a professional adventure ! Thanks to the whole team. »

We were very emotional to seem them starting their first week independently.

Thanks to their motivation, we hope that very soon many organic groceries and small shops will be able to offer our products !

A warm welcome to all four of you, and good luck ! 

If you know an organic grocery store, or a shop with an eco-responsible approach, feel free to talk to them about us. If they want to sell our products, they can email us at The girls will be glad to give them a call or go around to see them.

PS: all our thoughts go to Guillaume, who is the only man in our lovely sales team (however he doesn’t seem unhappy!).