Overshoot day


Whilst gazing at my son, I learnt that today was Overshoot day.

Overshoot day is the calculated calendar date on which humanity’s resource consumption for the year exceeds Earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources that year.

Imagine if on the 1st of January we were given a certain amount of food, energy, and many other things and that we needed to make it last till the 31st of December of the same year.

We won’t be able to repay this debt and each year we are taking more than what we actually have.
« We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children. »

The only way to fix this is by consuming responsibly by not buying overpackaged products for example and by not wasting as much as well as finding sustainable alternatives respectful of the environment.
It is possible to consume differently, more and more alternatives to throwaway objects are springing up. It might take time but it’s really worth it.

We haven’t made this up, for years and years scientists have been telling us but we haven’t been listening. Today more than ever something needs to change.

Don’t forget that every little helps, don’t stop at these roadblocks :

- « If I’m the only one who does it, it won’t make a difference. » It’s not true ! Less waste is always better than more waste.
- « If they aren’t doing it, I won’t either. » Don’t follow the crowd, be a leader, someone who is trying to make the world a better place.
- « Zero waste alternatives are expensive. » False, it’s a long term investment, more expensive at the beginning but in the long run you’ll save money, you’ll see for yourself !
- « It’s too late. » Don’t be fatalistic, the biggest achievements in history came with perseverance.

It is very important for us to share this message with you and to encourage our community. Nobody is perfect (and neither are we), but if we all give it a try together we can make a difference.

In our own way, we are glad to be able to offer you an alternative so you can have the most eco-friendly bathroom possible.
We know that if you choose our brand, it’s because of our vision and our ability to say what needs to change.

Personally, I know I won’t be able to look at my children in the eyes and say « We knew but we didn’t do anything. »