Plan for the permaculture vegetable garden

permaculture plan

Our permaculture garden is starting to take shape!

The season is soon going to start so with Alice, we need to get ready to be successful in our first harvest.🤞

Windbreaks and hedges for biodiversity will soon be planted. There’ll be downy oaks, Montpellier maple, pistachio trees, dog roses and many other species! 🌳

On the other side, four 225m2 (2421 ft2) squares will welcome the beds. 🌾 We’re not doing any others this year, but we’re leaving some extra space if needed for the years to come.

This is what we’ve decided to plant for our first year, after consulting the team ☺️ :
- Chard
- Carrots
- Cauliflower
- Butternut
- Courgettes
- Spinach
- Fennel
- Beans
- Leeks
- Peppers
- Radishes
- Lettuce
- Ancient tomato variety

And probably strawberries 🍓 and rhubarb! 🤪

Our first harvest is already organic-certified 🥳

For the time being, we don’t have a company canteen but we will soon be able to offer our employee fruit and veg boxes throughout the seasons. These products are sometimes quite expensive and these boxes will ease their monthly budget. 🍎 🍅