Recycling with ELISE

cardboard recycling

At Comme Avant, we are working very hard to separate and sort our waste, wether it’s in production, our office or in the staff room. All the team has adopted the recycling and composting processes. 

For over a year now, we have been working with ELISE, a company that collects Comme Avant’s bins and takes them to the correct sorting centre. 

We’ve just received our overview of the third quarter of 2019 and this is what we’ve managed to save in just 3 months :

  • 1211,5 kilos of paper and cardboard, representing 21 trees which haven’t been cut
  • 28m3 of water, representing 140 baths
  • 231 kilos of CO2, representing 2 returns flights between Paris-Marseille
  • 6325 kWh of energy, representing a French household’s consumption for 15 months
  • 11 liters of fuel, representing 80 km in the car

Over the months, we have been trying work out together how to reduce our waste. We have had many conversations in the staff room or suggestions from friends & family, and step by step we are improving our consumption as a company (electricity, computers, or consumables, etc.). We will provide you with more information very soon. 

ELISE also employs people who are experiencing difficulties, and just like us, advocates social equality. Of course, it’s a choice we fully support.