Reusable hair caps

Reusable hair caps

We are continuing our ecological transition within Comme Avant and our production and packaging teams have taken a huge step forward ! They have recently started using washable and reusable fabric hair caps instead of disposable paper ones. 

For hygiene reasons, hair caps are compulsory. Up until now, they used to wear disposable ones. As we now have two seamstresses within the company, they handmade us great hair caps which are dye-free and made out of organic cotton! The team is starting to look like doctors !

We calculated the waste we prevented thanks to this change :
16 people working in production * 2 hair caps per day * 20 working days = 640 hair caps thrown away each month...

These cotton caps are therefore a significant leap forward for our teams towards being zero waste. Besides, look how lovely they look ! Thanks Khaoula for posing !

They are still lots of things we could change such as gloves or plastic boxes but this is a whole other story with French regulations and the famous GMP… But we are staying positive and moving on.