Scared of making mistakes

Nil and Joan

I feel stressed most of the time. It’s a positif feeling which I am now able to more or less manage it thanks to my studying and working years.

However this time is different. I’m not stressed, I am scared. Scared of making a mistake.

When I wasn’t faced with this, I watched other entrepreneurs over with contempt, blaming their incompetence, when they were scared of falling. For me it wasn’t shocking to make mistakes and this wouldn’t impact a project’s development.

I’ve now changed my mind. Comme Avant is like a baby. 

We are not prepared but we are doing the best we can. Measuring the pros and cons for each decision we make. Each step we take, we feel both excited and as if we were taking a huge risk. If something goes wrong, this could negatively impact 50 people. 

Of course Comme Avant offers quality products but so many others exist which are as good, some even better in certain aspects. However, it’s us you trust, you are still by our side, nearly 3 years on. 

As we launched our makeup remover a few days ago, more than 2000 were ordered in less than 24h. Even without testing the product, simply by trusting us, and our detailed marketed arguments. There are no words to express the strength you give me.

Yet for the first time, I was scared. Scared to disappoint you (I’m glad it wasn’t the case this time). Scared to make a product which doesn’t suit your needs. This pressure is getting bigger each time we launch a new product. 

Most directors manage their teams so well that they never show the slightest sign of weakness. Still, they are human just like me. 

So next time you have a chat with an entrepreneur, whether he/she has 0 or 5000 employees, despite the self-confidence and the perfect speech, he/she is probably doubting. They are more likely to need personal reassurance rather than your professional esteem. 

To everyone who wants to change the world and protect our planet. You are allowed to be scared and to fail, but you need to at least try.

You are human after all.