Small details change a story

Caro graphic designer

This time last year, just before I went to hospital with appendicitis, I attended an important birthday party, even though I wasn’t feeling so well. 😬

During the meal, the sister of my friend, who had just been employed by Comme Avant, was telling me all about her troubles and disappointments in her current job. 🤯

For small-talk, I explained to her what I had done at Comme Avant, where we were up to and what we were doing. 💪 We kept on talking, I was enjoying my evening but the pain was getting stronger (the next day I was taken into hospital), so I decided to discreetly sneak away from the party, and just before leaving, I casualness told her: 💬 "If you want, there are a couple of photos that need to be taken for our website. It’s a small contract, but it could help you in your current situation."

🕟 2 months later, she was doing her first day at Comme Avant. 🥰
🕦 3 months later, she was essential to nearly all departments at Comme Avant. She signed her permanent contract and was on the same salary as the whole team. 🤝

Sometimes, it’s small details that change a story. Comme Avant has lived through of series of them and Caroline is clearly one of them.

All entrepreneurs take risks for their company. Not only the figures, dashboards, and estimates are important. Some bet on technology, others on international markets, or even the product range. 🧐

I bet on the human side of the story. I bet on Caroline and many more.