Soaps made in France

soap manufacturing

Today, a client of ours shared with us a comment she saw on a private facebook group regarding a person accusing of us of producing our soaps in China and of being a scam. 

Thankfully this doesn’t happen too often but each time I read such accusations, it drives me crazy and saddens me at the same time. The videos, photos, skills, advice, and other thoughts we share here, don’t seem to be enough.

Unfortunately if one person is saying this, this means that others are probably thinking it too…

Tonight I’m writing this to reassure those who are doubtful and to silence those questioning our honesty as well as the quality and origin of our products.

All our products are made in Marseille, in the « Soapery » as we call it here. Just as an example, it’s Flore, Jennifer, and Quentin who each day make the soaps you order using first press organic olive oil (we are sometimes asked if we use soap pellets and the answer is no). It’s thanks to you that we form such a great team and that we live from this.

We are as transparent as possible on what happens behind the scenes, our successes, failures, daily life, raw materials, products, etc. But it seems like it’s not enough and we are sad for those who don’t trust us.

We are telling you this once again and we won’t stop repeating it: our manufacturing is done in France using traditional methods. However, you can’t simply turn up knocking on our door to visit the Soapery as we respect hygiene regulations and good manufacturing practices (GMP). Equipment is necessary to enter our lab. A couple of news reports show around the place and our production capacity (TF1, France 3, Provence Azur, Les Échos, etc.).

If you ever have the slightest doubt about our practice, feel free to ask us any question. We will be glad to help you and dispel any misunderstandings. 

We are part of French companies creating value in our country. We refuse to externalise any of our skills by training in intern our team while offering transversal projects to fulfill our production and admin team.

Each sale highlights of our skills and each recruitment our know-how.

We are proud of being 35 making Comme Avant products (which wouldn’t be necessary if we simply imported soap from China).