Sterilisation: instructions

container sterilisation comme avant

Many of you reuse your own containers to store our products, whether it be for our toothpaste refills, our creams, or even our household products made with our soap flakes. This is a great way of giving a new life to old pots and jars hidden away in your cupboards.

Before placing our products inside, we highly recommend sterilising your containers. Here are a few quick and effective recommendations, to safely store our products in your bathroom.


Why is sterilising jars so important?

It’s essential to apply basic hygiene rules when handling cosmetics for two simple reasons: the product’s quality and lifespan are at stake. This will avoid bacteria, yeast, or other mushrooms from appearing, and this can be harmful to your skin.


Three golden rules

  1. Clean your utensils and worktop
  2. Disinfect your hands
  3. Sterilise your containers


Sterilisation, step by step

Two techniques exist: the thermal sterilisation and the chemical disinfection. The one you choose will depend on what your container is made out of.

For pots and jars that are resistant to heat (glass, Pyrex, stainless steel… nearly everything apart from plastic!), we are going to prefer hot sterilisation with boiling water. It’s very easy and the method we are going to show you requires very little water.

  • Pour a little bit of water into a pot
  • Place the containers and lids to sterilise inside (upside down)
  • Place the lid on the pot and boil the water
  • Once the water is boiling, leave it for around 10 minutes
  • Remove the containers with clean tongs, wooden ones for example
  • Leave everything to air dry on a clean tea towel or a paper towel. Don’t dry them as this step avoids leaving any particles on the containers.

sterilisation step by step

For containers and utensils that aren’t heat resistant (plastic, PET), cold sterilisation is best.

  • Pour a small amount of alcohol (90°C) into your containers
  • Shake and remove the excess
  • Leave to air dry on a clean tea towel

You can also sterilise your containers in your dishwasher with the sterilisation mode or with a bottle steriliser. Use the cold programme for plastic and the hot one for other types of containers. 

Once they are sterilised, try to not put your fingers all over them!


A quick reminder on how to store our products

If you use our toothpaste powder, then a glass jar is ideal! You can even use several individual jars if your whole family uses our product.

As for our cream bar, you can either leave it the cardboard box it comes in or store it in a sealed container for example. Keep it at room temperature so it doesn’t dry out.

There are several options for our makeup remover. You can leave it in the cardboard box, store it on a soap holder, or in a sterilised glass jar without the lid. Don’t forget to wash your hands before using the product and to rinse it afterwards.

Our soap and shampoo don’t need to be stored in a closed container. We recommend keeping them away from water and the damp, on a soap holder for example, so they can dry between two uses.


Our products’ formats are ideal for travelling (they are also authorised in hand luggage!). You can easily take with you in your own containers, sterilised of course! 😉