Summer encounters

Summer holidays

Like each year, with Sophie, Nael, and Joan we go on an adventure during our holidays. Out of the ordinary locations, on a lake or up in trees, we try to experience unique and original moments, not far from where we live. This year we enjoyed spending time in the Drôme, 2 hours away from us, in a wooden cabin at the edge of the woods. 

Among our encounters, this is one we won’t forget: visiting the Gaiia soap factory. One thing led to another and we ended up eating at Franck’s along with his wife and son. 

Some looks and conversations are unmistakable signs. He is a man of great wisdom, rebellious and whole. Despite our age difference, he has carried the same values for 10 years with Gaiia. 

A committed company where nothing is lost and everything is transformed. A company that doesn’t speak of rivalry but mutual aid, that prefers to move forwards rather than criticise, that has hope for our children’s future.

Choosing cosmetic products with us or them, that’s not the question. It’s a committed and ecological purchase. We have more important decisions to make to move forward and follow the right path.