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Comme Avant t-shirt Nil

If you follow our page, you’ve probably already noticed that I’ve just launched a brand new project. For Comme Avant, it’s an important turning point.

With nerve and composure, we have weighed the pros and cons. I assessed the potential risks for the company and our employees.

What if Comme Avant was much more than just a cosmetic brand. For a long time, I have wondered why there has been such interest, thank you messages, joy, and kindness around our products and our adventure. I was quite surprised by the impact and scope of my messages on social media.

Comme Avant seems to be more like a movement, a sort of way of life, using transparent, simple, eco-friendly, and fair values and a great deal of activism.

With the help of our team, I decided to take a leap of faith to outline had already been created. I am unable to tell you if this was the right choice, only time will tell.

Our t-shirts are near-perfect in their design and manufacturing, but have a flow, their price. In our approach to « consume less but better », I acknowledge that this new product will divide our community and that our second step in our ecological transition might seem harder than with cosmetics. However the scale is different on a product which you will keep for 10 years. Still today, ethical fashion is often misunderstood or misinterpreted.

Despite all this, we are proud to disturb and challenge your current consumer habits.

Do you need to switch everything in your wardrobe? Of course not, quite the opposite ! Use your clothes until the end, buy less but better quality clothing or second hand. Only keep the clothes that suit you and that you love (donate all the rest).

Then, we will have managed our bet and taken the right decisions. By changing your habits, you will be one step further in your ecological transition. If you are reading this, you are already on the right track.