Our (great) Team Leaders

Team leaders


To ensure a complete transparency and a better tracking, all our products are handcrafted in our workshop. No need for any intermediary or unnecessary shipping. We know our products down to the finest detail as we produce them ourselves. 

In our workshop, or as we call it "The Soapery", our products go through three different stages before reaching your letter box 

Over the past year, we have been trying to find the right organisation and we now have three amazing team leaders: Caroline, Jean-Marc, Jean-Marc. And yes, funny enough in our team we have two Jean-Marcs, two Claires and two Laurines... We try to give them nicknames, but you can imagine how confusing our team meetings can be. By the way, if you have any other solution to suggest, feel free to share them !

- Jean-Marc (or “JM de la crème" on the right) coordinates the production team. In October 2018, he started off by being in charge of making our cream, hence his nickname. He now provides daily support to his team and controls the products’ quality to make sure they are perfect for you. He’s a great guy who has been able to grow within Comme Avant.

Caroline manages the packaging area, where all the products are wrapped. Just like JM de la crème, she's been part of the team since the end of 2018. She’s always smiling and laughing to her team’s jokes (which aren’t always funny!). She is also the perfect example of the professional evolution in our small company, Mathieu trained her and trusted her to manage our new members.

Jean-Marc (or "JM Shipping-Man", on the left) works with his team to ship all your parcels. He’s great at his job and goes the extra mile with Frank and Khaled when many parcels need to be sent. Very attentive and always trying to be a better person, he often suggests improvements that could be put in place within the company!

We are proud of having them in our team. Thanks to all three of you for trusting us and for sticking with us since the beginning of our adventure