The benefits of solid cosmetics

solid cosmetics


Solid cosmetics are more and more present on the market. Soaps, shampoos, deodorants... Today, nearly all liquid products we use have a solid alternative, for our wellbeing and the planet!

This was obvious for us at Comme Avant Our bathrooms are often full of unwanted products, made out of 80% water, in plastic packaging... This is why we have wanted to offer solid cosmetics since the beginning.


Why are the actual advantages of solid cosmetics? 

Solid cosmetics have many benefits: they are cost-effective, eco-friendly, efficient, easy to travel with, and above all, our bathrooms are free from single-use packaging! 

Solid cosmetic products are more and more present on the market and many consumers appreciate using them. However, you sometimes need a little nudge to start off your ecological transition...

They are eco-friendly
They allow us to remove many plastic tubes and bottles from our bathroom. In a zero waste lifestyle, solid cosmetics are essential! 

Most solid cosmetics are made from ingredients of natural origin. Also, they don't need any preservatives as in the absence of water, preservatives aren't necessary. It is far easier to formulate solid products without any unnecessary ingredients, with a simple and short formula. Our products are anhydrous, meaning there's no risk of bacteria development. There's therefore no contamination risk when using our products. Of course, we still recommend washing your hands before using them (and for the makeup remover, rinsing the product afterwards). 

With solid cosmetics, you'll avoid nearly all packaging! At Comme Avant, our products come in recyclable cardboard or kraft paper. We also give the opportunity to our clients to buy our products in bulk in our shops or points of sale


They are cost-effective

This is one of the most noticeable benefits of solid cosmetics. Their shelf life is longer compared to liquid products. At Comme Avant, our products last 3 months on average, depending on how they are used. For example, our 70g shampoo is equivalent to a 200ml liquid shampoo bottle or our 45h toothpaste is equivalent to 3 toothpaste tubes. Our solid cosmetics might be dearer to buy by unit, as their production doesn't allow us to offer the same prices as industrial brands, but they will be far more economical in the long run!


They are easy to travel with  

When carrying liquid cosmetics around, our greatest fear that our products leak everywhere or not being able to take them in our hand luggage on the plane. With solid cosmetics, you won't have to think about all this. All you need is a little hemp pouch or a small air-tight box to protect your products and bob's your uncle! Also bear in mind that you can take your solid cosmetics everywhere with you, when hiking, on the plane or in your handbag!


They are efficient

As their formula is more concentrated than liquid products, they are more efficient and only a small amount is enough. For example, our shea butter cream bar has a concentrated formula. A small quantity is ample to moisturise your skin.  


How to use solid products? 

Unlike what you might think, using solid cosmetic products is very easy.

To use products like our soap, shampoo, or makeup remover, you simply need to dampen them or run them under water, and rub the product on your face or body. 

For products like our deodorant, cream, or sun cream, you simply need to apply the product on your skin, it will slightly melt and leave some product on your skin.


What should you do when the product is too small to use? 

When you've only got a small piece of cream or deodorant left, you can keep them aside. Once you have a couple, you can melt them all together in a double-boiler or a saucepan on low heat. Leave them to cool down in a mould. 
For our soap and shampoo, you can gather all the small pieces in a net or a small pouch that you can then use in the shower. We've also had feedback from our community who uses old tights. You can simply cut them at foot level and place your soap/shampoo inside.


How to keep and store your solid cosmetics? 

To keep your solid cosmetics in good condition, the most important is to keep them away from water! If your products are in contact with water or stored in a damp place, they will melt quicker than usual. To avoid this, you can use a soap holder like the one we offer. Keep in mind your products must dry between each use.

We also recommend storing your products in air-tight sterilised pots such as glass jars for example, and keeping them away from light. Don't forget to wash your hands before using our products!


It's true that switching to solid cosmetics isn't always straightforward: you need to change your habits and routines. This is why at Comme Avant we try to help you in your ecological transition with our easy-to-use solid cosmetics! 😉