The effort of recycling

recycling zone

Within our company, we are committed to reducing our waste. We have therefore decided to create a nice sorting area where everyone can easily sort their waste.

Sorting waste may seem straightforward, but knowing what we can and what we can’t sort can sometimes be complicated ! 

Some time ago, we organised a training course for all the members of the Comme Avant team in order to (re)teach recycling rules and answer all their questions.  

You can find just bellow a few logos which are often found on packaging as well as their meaning. 

recycling labels

Here are a few tips with can help you in your daily life.

1. All plastics aren't recyclable. The PET, PP, and PEHD can be recycled.

2. Plastic can only be recycled 2 to 3 times.

3. All towns don't have the same recycling rules, make sure you ask your town hall further information

4. When put jars in the glass bin, the lid must be taken off and put in a separate recycling bin.

It’s important to be aware of our waste, to buy sensibly, and in the long run to set ourself a zero waste goal.

Nobody is perfect (neither is our team) ! We have to do it gradually, step by step. Some won’t go at the same speed, but this will still be positif for our planet and the environment.

Detractors will tell you that small steps are useless. Never doubt your efforts and your positif changes. You are part of a committed and conscious community. History has taught us that it is this way that the world has started to change.