The end of our veggie patch

The end of the veggie patch

It’s with a little nostalgia and hint of sadness that our company’s veggie patch has come to an end.  We’ll be moving in a month’s time so it wasn’t worth planting anything in the veggie patch for the autumn and winter season. We’ve removed everything…

We had a couple of failures but the tomatoes were very successful. The spot wasn’t easy, as our terrace is south-facing, 15cm deep, and had on and off watering during the summer holiday. 

These were our first attempts in creating a company’s veggie patch and we’re ready to start a new one, we’ll tell you more about this soon. 

By the way, we’ve found the perfect person, her name is Alice and she’s a vegetable producer. She’s going to be part of the project with Hélène! We’ll introduce her once we’ve started working on the land. We have some designs ready as well as vegetables and fruits which will be planted very soon.

Alice will have 1ha, then who knows what will happen! We still have 3ha handy to improve our project if everything goes to plan! 

Thank you to all of you who presented your garden projects, we know the future depends on you, respecting the earth and staying true to your convictions. 

Our small project is growing, who would have thought that this was possible when Nil, Hélène, and Silvin were planting their first vegetables in this small veggie patch. 🌎

We can’t wait to enjoy our first vegetable boxes and our company restaurant in 3 years…