The family vegetable garden

The family vegetable garden

A vegetable patch is something easy to set up! We don’t have a garden but you can, just like us, do it on your terrace or balcony. 

Sometimes, all you need is an empty creme fresh tub, a water bottle (with the top bit cut off), or even an empty strawberry basket with newspaper placed at the bottom. No more excuses!

Many fruit & veg can be planted in April. We have chosen wooden palettes which with turned over and filled the rows with compost. 

Here’s a list of what we’ve planted :

Tomatoes 🍅Squash 🌶Basil 🌿Spinach 🥦Melons 🍈Strawberries 🍓Water melons 🍉Radishes, Lettuce 🥬 Carrots 🥕Parsley, Potatoes 🥔Garlic 🧄Beetroot 🍠Onions 🧅

This is an easy way of showing our children that chips don’t grow out the ground and that strawberry can’t be found all year round. We find it important they understand from an early age to respect the seasonality, and their fruit and veg.

Even if you don't have a green finger or if you're just starting out, this will still be a great experience, alone or with others, during this lockdown (you'll see). You won't be self-sufficient but you can still nice tasty fruit and veg!

Top tips:

  • If you only have soil and no compost, you simply need to soak your fruit and veg skin and pealing for a couple of days and then water your garden with it to provide some extra nutrients. 
  • Don’t forget to "recycle" your old tomatoes, potatoes, leeks or sweet potatoes by planting them for example. They grow back very easily if you keep the ground nice and moist. 🌱


Nil & Sophie