The first crop

The first crop Nil and Nael

For those who are following our veggie patch adventure, it’s now time for our first crop and assessment. 

We managed to build a mini veggie patch on the company’s patio, with turned-over palettes and 15cm of organic compost soil, full-south in Marseille.

The results aren’t bad as you can see in the picture. Loads of tomatoes, some cucumbers, courgettes, squash, strawberries, potatoes, and sugar peas. 

However, the green beans, raspberries, and many flowers (which were meant for bees and others) didn’t work out. It’s starting to get very hot here and they didn’t survive… or we did something wrong. 

We don’t need to water much as we put sand under the palettes which helps to retain water (despite the small depth) and let the roots draw water all day long. 

The surface compost has had a key role in the survival of our veggie patch, bringing all the needed nutrients. The idea is simple: instead of throwing out your organic waste (fruits and veg peels, etc.), chop them into small bits and throw them on the veggie patch for them to break down. 

Anyhow, for us it’s a great victory in town. We have even seen ladybirds and wild bees come into our veggie patch. This shows that anything is possible, nature has no hard feelings once we let her in. 🌱

Nil & Sophie