The start of company vegetable patch

Alice comme avant veggie patch

Time for action, our veggie patch adventure is beginning! We’re starting a permaculture vegetable garden over 4 hectares, not far from our Comme Avant workshop. 🥰

The harvest will be used for our company cantine and depending on the yield, the rest will be sold in vegetable boxes and/or for local catering. 🥕🥬🍆🥦

With Alice, our vegetable producer, we’ve chosen 900m2 (9700sqft) to start preparing the ground for the coming season. Winter is a critical time to enrich the soil and set up the beds. 🕦

Last week, it was all about spreading manure and compost from a nearby village with our hands (or rather our gloves), our shovels, wheelbarrows, and rakes. 36 beds of 16m long and 80cm wide (59ft x 2,5ft)! 💪

This is a crazy project we started, somewhat naively, simply by ideology for a better world. 🌍  We’ll see how it goes.

Thanks to Alice, Helene, Anna, and Clemence who came to give helping hand. There were four to spread out two tons of amendment! Well done, hope your muscles weren’t too stiff afterwards! 😅