The team's vegetable garden

Nael gardening

A vegetable patch is easy to put in place and a great way of getting fresh local products. We don’t have a garden but you can, just like us, do it on your terrace in big plant pots. 

This vegetable garden is for the Comme Avant team. Everyone can plant fruit & veg all year round and harvest them. Lucille planted some cabbages and they are looking great ! 

This is a very easy way to show future generations (young and old) that chips don’t grow from the ground. 

Maintaining a vegetable patch requires some knowledge and a calendar ! You'll see that, even if like us, you’re not green-handed, it still is a great experience (we love it!).

Some fruit & veg are to be planted in summer, others in winter. Your vegetable patch will also have a different aspect according to the region you live in. Many books, blogs, and even gardeners can help you and guide you in your planting and harvesting.