Zero waste meals

Zero waste meals

We’re always trying to improve life at work and we’ve recently launched a scheme to order cooked dishes for lunch, made by a local caterer. 🍲

It's only worth a luncheon voucher, and what a success! It helps forget this never-ending question: "What are we having for lunch?" and most of all eat local and seasonal meals. 🥳 As well as being healthy (and tasty), these meals are delivered in reusable glass containers. We just need to send them back for our next meal! ♻️ A super easy zero waste lunch at work!

At the end of each week, we receive the menu for the following week and those who want can sign up.📝 A little organisation is needed, but it’s worth it! Jessy, our caterer, finds inspiration in recipes from all around the world and cooks on the day with fresh products. 😋

Here are a few examples of dishes (a vegetable alternative is also available):
- Chicken Tikka massala with basmati rice
- Veal Milanese with penne, vegetables, and lettuce
- Duck fillet with traditional mustard sauce and mashed potatoes
- Grilled beef with port sauce and sautéed vegetables
- Homemade fish and chips with tartar sauce
- Chicken tajine with olives, preserved lemons, and semolina
- Meet or 3 cheese lasagna
- Vegetable pie, Lebanese tabbouleh, and lettuce
- Salmon en papillote with a julienne of vegetables

A win-win partnership for both Comme Avant and Jessy, so thanks! 🙏

After all, you can’t work on an empty stomach 😉