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Many of you are now used to our shampoo bar. Some even swear by this product. At the same time, just like many shampoo bars, we know that it doesn’t agree with everyone. After having presented argan oil, we are now going to tell you a bit more about our shampoo’s second key ingredient: rhassoul.


Rhassoul? What is it?

Rhassoul, also called ghassoul, is a type of clay that comes from Morocco. Nowadays, only one deposit is left, located south of Fez. Rhassoul has been used in this region for centuries, in hammams and daily care for example. It is very well-known in Morocco for its purifying and cleansing properties.  

To obtain rhassoul, this clay needs to be dried and washed with water after extraction. Next, it is filtered to reduce to a maximum any impurities it could contain. The paste then needs to be dried and is therefore spread out in sheets, all less than one centimeter thick. Once dried, the rhassoul sheets are cracked to create smaller pieces. These are then sold as such or in powder. Today, it is becoming easier to find rhassoul in all sizes and shapes: in small pieces, in powder, in ready-to-use masks, and even in shampoos. You can find it in the ingredients’ list under the name of Moroccan Lava Clay. When it is incorporated in a product, rhassoul doesn’t usually undergo any chemical transformations, making it a 100% natural ingredient.


Can rhassoul be used by anyone?

Rhassoul is a type of clay which has no contraindications as it has universal purifying actions. However, it remains more efficient on some people rather than others. Using clay on hair allows regulating the scalp’s sebum. As we will explain later on, rhassoul has absorbent properties, allowing it to reduce sebum and to space washes. This is why it is mainly recommended for greasy hair. It is also a great ally against irritations, helping the scalp to regain its balance after a couple of washes with rhassoul. It will also act on fine and/or fragile hair bringing back some volume and vitality thanks to the rhassoul’s strengthening action.

However, we need to keep an eye out for the controversial use of rhassoul in conventional shampoos: using a huge amount of rhassoul when washing your hair can have a reverse action and dry out your scalp and hair. This is why we associated rhassoul with argan oil to nourish your hair and scalp. If you encounter this type of problem with our shampoo, we recommend reducing the amount of product used as well as doing vegetable oil hair masks before washing your hair. Furthermore, giving volume can be very beneficial for fine hair but can sometimes give a dry feeling to thick and curly hair. This is why rhassoul is rather recommended for fine and normal hair seeking volume, for hair that tends to be greasy, and for sensitive scalps. It is also very efficient on plant-based coloured hair (such as henna).

Rhassoul is also used for skincare, but once again, its efficiency will depend on your type of skin. It has been noticed that it mainly suits greasy and combination skin because of its absorbing properties. This allows, in some cases, to reduce impurities and dilated pores. Whatever your skin type, rhassoul will have a purifying and cleansing action.


What are the benefits of rhassoul?

Whether for skin of hair care, rhassoul has many virtues. For you to discover our shampoo more confidently, we are now going to explain all the benefits of this clay for your hair.

First of all, as mentioned previously, rhassoul is able to absorb and reduce greasiness. This helps to regulate sebum production and therefore to space out washes. Your scalp will also regain its balance and be purified thanks to the cleansing effect this clay will have on it. Rhassoul respects your scalp’s and hair’s hydrolipidic film, making it a very gentle substitute to shampoo. Unlike conventional shampoos, rhassoul doesn’t contain any sulphates or silicones, often responsible for greasy hair.

As well as being absorbent, rhassoul also cleans your hair meaning it will attract, hold, and remove impurities thanks to its high concentration in minerals. This allows your hair and your scalp to be thoroughly washed.

Last but not least, rhassoul can have detangling properties and will leave your hair shiny and with added volume. This is mainly due to rhassoul’s strengthening action on hair.


How to use rhassoul?

Once again, we are going to focus on its properties in shampoo. As mentioned earlier, rhassoul on its own can be enough to wash your hair, whether it be in powder or in paste (simply by adding water to the powder). Just like with conventional shampoos, start by wetting your hair, then washing your scalp with the clay (mainly the roots to not dry out your hair), and finish by thoroughly rinsing your hair. We recommend rinsing your hair with an apple cider vinegar rinse to leave your hair shiny and supple. It may be that your hair looks a bit duller and blander as rhassoul has a higher pH than your hair. That is where the vinegar rinse comes in to reduce this pH. This is a very easy and efficient conditioner recipe you can make at home.

When using rhassoul for the first time, all these benefits may not be visible straight away. Your hair may seem less nice than with previous shampoos. This is perfectly normal. Conventional shampoos leave residues from ingredients in your hair, and they don’t really get on well with rhassoul. You will need to clarify your hair or to take three or four shampoos before seeing the miracles of rhassoul.

To optimise your transition towards rhassoul, we have a few tips for you. For dry hair, it is recommended not to use rhassoul too often, once a week is enough to bring back your hair’s vitality. Also, keep an eye out on your pipework. It won’t block your pipes as much as other clays as rhassoul is finer than most of them. However, using large amounts (on long and thick hair) may block your pipes. If this happens, we recommend pouring soda crystals down the shower drain.


Rhassoul is a great alternative to conventional shampoos. We are proud of offering a shampoo with this ingredient, which is of high quality and very efficient. Opting for natural products for your hair is the best way of making them healthy and balanced, leaving your hair nicer than it has ever been! Feel free to let us know what you think of our shampoo right here. 🙂