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Become a Reseller

We are thrilled to share with the largest amount of people possible our amazing organic and natural cosmetics. We are always open to the possibilities to work with distributors, organic shops, chain supermarkets, pharmacies, and any other physical shops...

Comme Avant is the ultimate French brand that specialises in quality artisanal cosmetics. We make 100% natural cosmetics. Our go-to products are our castille soap and our toothpaste powder. Both are manufactured in our workshop in Marseille 13002.

If you want to find the list of our retailers, you’ll find all the information about our resale spots here.


In recent years we have implemented a fully fledged concept:

- Our cosmetics have a unique selling point, they are handcrafted, natural, and authentic.
- We (nearly) always have products in stock.
- You’ll get preferential rates that enable good margins by selling a quality product.
- Marie and Guillaume will always be here to help you and advise you when you order.
- We provide the countertop display with your first order, our brochures included.
- Our shipping costs are set, FOB available

Come and join-in the recognition of our “savoir-faire” by contacting us by email at or by phone +33 4 84 89 43 18 


Here are some of our retailers that sell our products with their gorgeous displays.

On the left, the JMBrassac shop in Brassac and on the right, Les Sens Ciel shop in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.

On the left, La Maison des senteurs shop in Fréjus and on the right, the Demoiselles de Provence shop in Le Castellet.

The pharmacy in Laurys.