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We committed to sharing our quality organic and natural cosmetics with as many people as possible and making them accessible to client who don't wish to buy online. We are open to the possibilities of working organic shops, pharmacies, concept stores and any other physical shops sharing our values and philosophy. 

Comme Avant is the French brand specialised in quality artisanal cosmetics. In our workshop, we make hygiene products with ingredients of natural origin. 

If would like to know who sells our products, you can fin our worldwide retailers.



Our team is happy to answer all your questions regarding our products and our approach.



In recent years we have implemented a fully fledged concept:

  • Our products are unique and have a very short ingredient list (4 ingredients maximum).
  • Our packaging is compostable and/or refillable.
  • We chose with care our future points of sale.
  • We (nearly) always have products in stock.
  • You’ll get preferential rates that enable good margins by selling a quality product.
  • Our team is always there to help you and advise you when you order.
  • Our shipping costs are set with low fee-at-frontier prices.


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