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Discover Comme Avant Our handmade and natural cosmetics come in a nice organic cotton pouch. A perfect gift for your friends and family to discover our product range, made by Comme Avant.



Comme Avant olive oil soap

Olive oil soap

Our castile soap, ideal for the whole family, is made by cold saponification. It contains a fatty compound and is made from 100% organic olive oil.

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Comme Avant shea butter cream butter

Shea butter cream bar

A multipurpose cream for your face, hands, and body. It can also be used as a lip balm or hair wax. It moisturises all types of skin.

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Comme Avant olive oil soap flakes

Olive oil soap flakes

Our soap flakes can be used to clean your house, your laundry, and your dishes. Check out our recipes to make your own household cleaning products.

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Comme Avant miswak toothpaste powder

Mentholated miswak powder toothpaste

A natural toothpaste containing only four ingredients that take care of bad breath and prevent tooth plaque. Our mentholated version doesn't suit children under 6.

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Comme Avant cocoa butter deodorant

Cocoa butter deodorant

A solid deodorant that allows your body to function as it should, removing toxins from your skin, and that fights against body odours.

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Comme Avant argan oil and rhassoul shampoo

Argan oil and rhassoul shampoo bar

A shampoo that will strengthen your hair and regulate sebum secretion. It also helps to remove silicone in your hair. 

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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to choose what products are in the gift box?
Unfortunately, we don't personalise our gift boxes due to the high risk of making mistakes in your order and your change not being taken into account.

What recipes can be done with the soap flakes?
All the recipes using our soap fakes can be found right at the bottom of this page.