Ecocert Natural Detergent certification


Natural detergent ecocert comme avantFounded in 1991, Ecocert is a certification body working specialised in many different sectors (cosmetics, detergents, textiles, etc.). This French organism has developed its own requirements 📋 to protect our planet and its resources, protect and inform the consumer, and reduce unnecessary waste and discharges. 🌍


Their Natural Detergent certification label was developed in 2006 by Ecocert Greenlife, in close consultation with the relevant experts. The aim was to counter the lack of an official frame of reference in terms of detergents.



We decided to go for this international certification as it guarantees:

✔️  a level of standards higher than the current regulations with regards to promoting natural substances, respecting eco-friendly production and transformation methods

✔️  a clear product formula for the consumer


It bans: 

❌  products with bleach or derived from phosphorus

❌  end-product testing on animals


It promotes:

〰️  ingredients of natural origin (vegetable or mineral) without GMOs

〰️  packaging with recycling or valorisation capabilities and which require low energy


To ensure that a product respects all the requirements, the detergent and the production line undergo annual audits.

Our dishwasher powder was certified Natural Detergent early 2021, a trustworthy certificate that guarantees that our requirements are respected.


▶️  You can find the full Ecocert's Natural Detergent standards here