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Frequently asked questions about our products


Where are your products made?

We make all our cosmetic products ourselves in our “Fabrique” located in Marseille, more precisely in the Panier neighbourhood.

We take seriously our commitment to keep our products’ manufacturing in our premises, even though this is very demanding in terms of organisation and regulations. This allows us to manage the products we make from start to finish, to not add any excess intermediaries, and to avoid our products from travelling across France before they arrive to us.


Do your products contain any palm oil?

None of our products contain palm oil.


Are your products vegan and not tested on animals?

Our products are certified by the Vegan Society. We don’t test on animals and our products don’t contain any animal matter, this is part of our principles.


Can your products be used on babies and children?

Yes, our products can be used by the whole family, children and babies included.

Our natural olive oil soap can be used to wash babies’ bodies. The soap flakes can be made into liquid soap which might more practical. This soap can also be used on hair, but avoid getting any in the eyes, it can sting.

Our natural argan and rhassoul shampoo bar can be used on babies’ hair, but just like our soap, the shampoo flakes made into liquid shampoo may be easier. This shampoo is universal and can be used on children of all ages and on all types of hair.

To moisturise babies’ body and face, you can use our natural shea butter cream bar after each bath.


Can your products be used on sensitive skin?

We have formulated our products to suit the most sensitive skin. They also contain a maximum of four ingredients of natural origin. You can find the INCI list on each product page.


Can your products be used by pregnant women?

Our products are family-friendly, including pregnant and breastfeeding women as we don’t use any essential oils. Only the mentholated version of our toothpaste can’t be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women as is contain mint crystals from the crystallisation of mint essential oil. However, we do offer a non-fragranced version which will suit perfectly.


Can your products be used on atopic skin?

None of our products’ formulas have been specifically tested to deal with a particular issue. This is why we can’t guarantee the efficiency of our products on atopic skins. However, they are no known contraindications. Our products have been made with the least ingredients possible in order to be the most universal and safe for the skin and for the planet.


Can your products be used in nature?

All our products are biodegradable, so you can use them in nature. However, we recommend doing this at least fifty meters away from watercourses to let the soil, rocks or sand have a decomposing and filtering action. This will have a minimal impact on the fauna and flora.


Can your products be used on animals?

We haven't done any specific tests for animals. We recommend seeking a vet’s advice to confirm our soap (pH 9) or our shampoo (pH 6) can be used on your animal.


Where can we find your products?

You can order online through our website, delivery is free for most European countries.

If you’re on holiday in France, we also have two shops:  

  • In Marseille - 12 place de Lorette 13002
  • In Paris - 119 rue de Turenne 75003

We also have retailers worldwide. 

If you know a shop or an organic grocery that would be interested by our products, you can tell them about us or send their name to Marie and Guillaume : so they can contact them. This will help us to develop our resellers near you!


How long does delivery take?

The delivery time required may vary depending on the country you live in. On average, it’s 10 days for an EU country and 12 days for the rest of the world.

Please note that, custom duties may apply to certain countries. To get more information, please visit the custom's website of the shipping country.

Keep in mind that sometimes we can be really quick, but unfortunately can’t guarantee a quick delivery all year round.


Can we visit your “Fabrique”?

Unfortunately, our "Fabrique" cannot accommodate public as we are not classified as a « public establishment » (French ERP regulation). If you want to visit us, our shop in Marseille is 200 meters from the factory, located at 12 place de Lorette.