Natural Cotton T-shirt Discover our organic cotton t-shirts. Made in our Comme Avant workshop, our ethical and sustainable t-shirts have a universal cut.

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Certified by Ecocert Greenlife for Comme Avant license n°228533

No artificial lighting or artifice. Our photos are natural, sincere, and authentic. No professional models, with a perfect built-up body but simply our team with their natural body (but just as perfect). Thanks to our team for taking part 🙏

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It is no secret that the textile industry is one of the world’s most polluting industry. The distances travelled to produce a t-shirt from start to finish are irrational and we still throw several million tons of clothes away each year.

The negative impact of this industry on the environment is huge and contributes massively to climate change.

Fast-fashion brands produce more collections than what we are able to wear. Prices are very attractive and push consumers to buy more, at the detriment of the quality and the product’s manufacturing conditions.

What if the solution was simply to slow down and replace ethics at the heart of our approach. To buy quality clothing that lasts throughout time, as universal and timeless in style as possible, going through seasons and years smoothly.

With your support, we have launched our Comme Avant textile workshop to make long-lasting clothes. We've dealt with each topic thoroughly, without any greenwashing

Choosing our clothes it's choosing to:

- Know everything about a product, from its design to its manufacturing.
- Not falling into fast fashion and entering a mindful consumption approach.
- Supporting French expertise and craft.

A t-shirt made in France

A t-shirt made in our workshop

An organic cotton t-shirt

Lucille, our Comme Avant seamstress

The expertise of a seamstress

Comme Avant label

Full transparency

A high-quality cotton t-shirt

A high-quality t-shirt


Comme Avant t-shirts

Here's our size guide (in cm). We have put a lot of detailed information in this guide to help you to find and choose your t-shirt, the most suited to your body and taste.

The sizes indicated in this chart are equal to your body measures (chest size, body and shoulder-length). This guide will help you choose your t-shirt, the most suited to your body. The cotton t-shirt is adjusted and will slightly shrink in the first wash. If you are between two sizes, we would recommend choosing the bigger size.

If you prefer a wider t-shirt, we also offer an organic linen t-shirt, available in black and white.

The women's model has a U-neck, whereas the men's model has a crew-neck (which can also be unisex).

In case of a size problem or a default, you simply need to contact our customer service team to receive a free return label and get a refund or an exchange.

Cotton t-shirt size guide
GOTS-certified fabric

GOTS-certified fabric

A fairly-priced t-shirt

A responsible price

A natural and simple packaging

A natural and simple packaging

Cleaning advice