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Natural Miswak toothpaste powder Discover our miswak toothpaste, handmade by Comme Avant. It is an effective and 100% natural toothpaste.

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A traditional and efficient toothpaste

A traditional and efficient toothpaste

toothpaste composition

Our toothpaste composition

industrial toothpaste

What they don’t tell you about industrial toothpaste

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A refillable container

A refillable container

Frequently asked questions

Are there any contraindications for the mentholated toothpaste?
The mentholated version of our toothpaste is not suitable for people using a homeopathic treatment and children under 6. The mentholated version contains mint crystals, considered as an essential oil. If you fall under one of these categories, you can use our fragrance-free version.

For both versions, children must able to spit the toothpaste out as it should not be swallowed.

Is your toothpaste suitable for sensitive teeth/gums?
Yes, our toothpaste is suitable for sensitive teeth and gums. We have chosen to use calcium carbonate which is a very mild abrasive. Using strong abrasives, such as bicarbonate, isn’t recommend for a daily use. Please also note that the degree of abrasivity is one of the characteristics used by dentists to judge a toothpaste’s quality. Ours is ranked in the first category which is  "low abrasivity" with an RDA of 57,23. This means that it is of no harm to the enamel, dentine, or cementum.

Does your toothpaste contain fluoride?
There is no added fluoride in our toothpaste. Fluoride is already present in your daily environment, in water for example. Please note that Miswak contains small quantities of natural fluoride, just as some vegetables do. Tests have shown a fluoride contraction of 147ppm in our toothpaste. This is why it doesn't seem necessary to add more to our toothpaste recipe.

Tests carried out on our toothpaste

Our products are made in France (Marseille) in line with the current French norms. Comme Avant focuses on transparency, quality, and customer respect. This is why we clearly display the tests we have carried on our products. 

Use tests carried out on our toothpaste